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16-05-2017, 07:39

BlackPlayer EX 20.31 build 225 BETA [Patched]

BlackPlayer EX 20.31 build 225 BETA [Patched]BlackPlayer EX 20.31 build 225 BETA [Patched]BlackPlayer EX 20.31 build 225 BETA [Patched]BlackPlayer EX 20.31 build 225 BETA [Patched]

BlackPlayer EX 20.31 build 225 BETA [Patched]BlackPlayer EX 20.31 build 225 BETA [Patched]BlackPlayer EX 20.31 build 225 BETA [Patched]BlackPlayer EX 20.31 build 225 BETA [Patched]

BlackPlayer EX 20.31 build 225 BETA [Patched]BlackPlayer EX 20.31 build 225 BETA [Patched]BlackPlayer EX 20.31 build 225 BETA [Patched]BlackPlayer EX 20.31 build 225 BETA [Patched]

еще один премиальный плеер на страницах нашего ресурса! Поддержка mp3, flac, wav и др. Встроенный Equalizer/DSP, BassBoost, Virtualizer, Tag editor, поддержка виджетов.

Разработчик: KodarKooperativet
Язык интерфейса: Английский, Русский
Совместимость: Android™ 2.3.+
Состояние: Premium версия
Screenshot: Original by Dymonyxx

- Visualizer, customizable OpenGL visualizer (Beta)
- Zap, discover your music fast with this smart function. It plays random tracks for 5 seconds each.
- Crossfading (Beta)
- Charts, top Artist and Tracks from LastFM
- Manually search and set Artist images.
- Many small extra customizations, including widget & notification.
- View Artists as bigger grid.
- View Genres as List and as Big list.
- Library startpage can be set.
- 4 Extra fonts
- 2 Extra text animations
- 1 Extra theme
- 1 Extra transition effect
- Support for the development of BlackPlayer project.
- More upcoming features.
- Plays standard music files, such as mp3, flac, wav etc. from SD-Card.
- Equalizer/DSP, BassBoost, Virtualizer, Left/Right sound balance.
- Gapless playback
- Tag editor
- 3D Transition effects
- 3 Widgets
- Lockscreen control support
- Sleep Timer
- Changable fonts and themes.
- Weekly most played
- Search and Headset key support
- Tablet support
- Immersive mode, Loudness enhancer (For android 4.4+)

20.31 - May 15
- (BETA) BlackPlayer now always tries to commit any changes you make to a Playlist to the Playlist file. Might not work always for playlists stored on SD-card. It has a few bugs, but should work ok.
- 'PLAYLISTS' page now shows path to the playlist, will be removed in final version. Can be disabled by tapping on the 'PLAYLISTS' title.
- You can now browse the Playlist file in the PLAYLISTS page, long press on playlist, select 'Show Playlist file'.
- Playing same Track multiple times with Repeat one should now scrobble to Simple LastFM Scrobbler correctly.
- (Android 7.0+) Fixed swipe remove notification if using 'Nougat style' and 'Swipe remove' was disabled.
- Added info in the Album cover change window about copying image to folder.
- Added lanscape layout for custom lockscreen.
- Tweaked 'Classic' theme.
- 'Big Player Style' renamed to 'Expanded Style'.
- Updated translation.
- Minor layout update to Settings.

СКАЧАТЬ: [20,32 Mb] (cкачиваний: 188) [20,3 Mb] (cкачиваний: 593)
Изменил Dymonyxx. Причина: Обновление!
  1. nolan2112
    № 1
    9 августа 2015 09:42
    + +5 -
    Очень приличный плеер - мягкий и глубокий звук, довольно удобная навигация.
  2. Sfera84
    № 2
    12 декабря 2016 13:33
    + -1 -
    последняя версия не устанавливается!
  3. Вячеслав Кирьянов
    № 3
    28 февраля 2017 04:48
    + -1 -
    Вчера скачал посмотреть что за плеер, ну и оставил. Много настроек, симпотичный, только не хватает воспроизведения video а в целом достойный плеер.
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