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18-09-2017, 07:53

MP3dit Professional Music Tag Editor 2.0.4

MP3dit Professional Music Tag Editor 2.0.4MP3dit Professional Music Tag Editor 2.0.4MP3dit Professional Music Tag Editor 2.0.4

MP3dit Professional Music Tag Editor 2.0.4MP3dit Professional Music Tag Editor 2.0.4MP3dit Professional Music Tag Editor 2.0.4

MP3dit является редактором тегов для MP3 файлов. Это приложение может искать обложки альбомов, а также редактировать целые альбомы или группы файлов одновременно.

Разработчик: ATD Apps
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Совместимость: Android™ 2.2+
Состояние: Patched - версия
Screenshot: Original by Dymonyxx

- Editing mp3 files, so any changes will remain in the file, even if the phone is turned off, or the file is moved to another device.
- Edits MediaStore Android, so that changes made to the mp3-file is automatically displayed in all media players, without turn off the phone and again
- Split albums in most cases automatically entered by simply selecting both the album and save (As long as the artist albums and albums are set to the same thing)
- Add / Edit Album Art, which can be found tape album covers for simple Google image search, image guide or Google search on a long press on the album cover
- Add / Edit Title, if only one song selected
- Add / edit Artist, Album Artist, Album
- Add / Edit Feature which displays the real name of the genre, not the number that represents the genre, or you can choose a custom genre
- Editing the song order through an easy to use drag and drop list
- Songs can be selected individually, or they may be selected as a group or as a set or group of aa albums.
Скоро ...
- Поддержка WAV, MP4, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC и WMA
- Новый ICS Холо-подобный интерфейс для всех устройств
- Поддержка для добавления / редактирования текста
- Возможность выбора только альбомах без обложек

Added High Quality Images to Pro Version
Moved FAB down in Pro Version
Changed TargetSDK to Android Marshmallow
Fixed more bugs and crashes.
Optimized up Song List
Fixed issue that would occur on saving files
Optimized Album Art search.
Fixed Song Re-Order

mp3dit_2.0.4.zip [5,81 Mb] (cкачиваний: 7178)
Изменил Dymonyxx. Причина: Обновление!
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